Building owners are encouraged to tackle a high amount of formalities, errands and top performances in coordination, whenever they decide to approach a major building project, whether it concerns a new building or an existing building. Not rarely ignorance and missing experiences outmaneuver the start of construction. Usually the personal budget is visible, but the proper way of dividing stays unknown. What kind of hidden costs need to be considered? When does the bank require certain documents in order to not unnecessarily delay the building progress? We, the company pe-control GmbH, help you with needs and deeds and bring light into the darkness.


The pe-control GmbH covers 3 major emphases:

Besides project controlling, project management and technical Due Dilligence matter as well.


During the process of controlling, we outline crucial key figures, such as the stage of completion, construction times and the consumption of resources, and issue understandable and pragmatical reportings. Because of the approach of close collaboration with the bank and through punctual introduction of required steps, a hitchless procedure of the project is made possible.


During the project management, we take care of the project structuring and coordination. Moreover, we accomplish administration and formalities of any kind and significantly simplify the client’s effort.


Concerning the building of existing objects, we stand by your side with our expertise by compiling a technical Due Dilligence. We evaluate the property regarding technical and building law concerns and detect the renovation arrangements and costs.


Shortly said:

Whenever the client wants to keep the right overview over the initial situation, applications, coordination, progress, goal and costs, especially at major projects with a high complexity in measurements, the “pe-control GmbH” puts it easily and understandably in a nutshell.