Holistic thinking, sustainable planning, creative implementing – this idea, kept in front of our eyes, brought us to the decision to decouple our planning domain and to establish the planning company called “peko planungs gmbh” in 2015. This resulted into another component to offer customers and business partners everything from one source and to ensure an efficient as well as time- and cost-optimized supervision.


Our whole team is capable to entirely carry out every service phase. Usefully, we can build interdisciplinary teams consisting of urban planners, architects, engineers, construction draftsmen, as well as commercial clerks and business and finance economists.


Our spatial activity area is spread nationally. We operate in the field of retail, housing and office building, as well as conversion and revitalization of areas and buildings, which are not needed in their original usage anymore.


Institutional investors, property developer, private and commercial building owners count as our clients.