Build and trade united


For many years the corporate group „peko group“ has been a successful company in development, planning, construction, controlling, and marketing of properties. Hereby, the company owns a longstanding experience in sustainable construction or reintegration and in reuse of construction materials in own projects. The peko rebuilding GmbH was founded in December of 2021 in order to further the sustainable planning and construction even stronger and to help shape the strongly-growing promising real estate market. Due to the well connection and the close contribution of all peko companies, a productive symbiose arises, which is also going to enter the peko rebuilding. 

The peko rebuilding is a construction company, which covers single construction services or general contractor activities if necessary. Hereby, the sustainable ESG-approach has priority. This is supported by the reinstallation of construction materials with the goal of resource conservation and a reduction of steadily rising construction prices. The sustainability approach is supported by an online plattform for the purchase of reusable construction materials, which have been properly unbuild with demolition by the peko rebuilding.


What we do at a glance:

1. Sustainable construction

The peko rebuilding GmbH is going to concretely help shape the sustainability at the construction by including and installing used construction materials into new and existing buildings, which are acquired by the peko rebuilding, as a building contractor as well as a construction business.

The peko rebuilding GmbH operates as:

  • construction businesses for foreign building contractors 
  • seller of construction materials/components for entrepreneurs of the peko group
  • seller of construction materials/components for foreign construction businesses
  • building contractor


Due to the diverse functionalities, which are going to  be taken in at the market and owing to the longstanding experience and competence of the peko group as a planner and construction business, the peko rebuilding represents a strong and qualified market participant in the sustainable construction sector and provides contribution to the reduction of construction- and demolition-waste.



2. Composition and provision of digital trading platform for used construction materials.


A further step towards sustainability for the peko rebuilding is the establishment of an online trading platform, where used construction materials are offered client friendly.

At the demolition of materials construction materials and components, which are already applied and processed, are checked for their reutilization and acquired by the peko rebuilding GmbH. The construction materials and components are accurately removed, and the product quality, functionality and security of the respective object is being certified by an expert. Afterwards they are put on the platform and offered for sale. The clients receive exact product descriptions and status reports. The goods are offered to the clients for self- collection.


3. Our goal

The sustainability and the ESG- factors are going to be a crucial factor for financing and the development regarding to the competitiveness, resilience and growth opportunities in the real-estate game. Due to the foundation of the peko rebuilding GmbH, the peko group is going to near the market requirements.

The construction sector: 

An important raw material-storehouse

The construction sector is counted among the most resource-intensive business sector. According to the Federal Office of Statistics, this sector applied over 534 million tons of mineral construction resources in 2013. The existence of buildings and infrastructure represents with 28 billion tons an important and humanmade raw material-storehouse, which can be added to the recycling process after the end of usage. 


On the other hand-side, the yearly amount of construction and demolition waste increases. 


Many building materials and components end up on landfills after the demolition or are merely processed to fillers and applied in road construction. 

With the awareness of ending resources and the perceptible impacts of the climate change, the sustainable construction with a conscious dealing and application of existing resources and the minimization of energy usage need to have priority and valuable building- and raw materials, e.g. wood, need to be recycled in the real estate construction. 



ESG means „Environment, Social and Governance “ and represents a current classification system for sustainable activities of a company. With the aid of environmental criteria an examination is being conducted on how a company contributes to ecological problems and manages those problems (e.g. waste, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions). The social criteria examine the company’s dealings with human (e.g. human capital management, working conditions, health). The governance condition analyses the guidance of a company (e.g. salary of employees, tax practices, diversity).

Similar to the popular operating numbers of solvency, the ESG-profiles of a company towards its clients and investors gains importance. The core of ESG means the idea, that companies succeed with a higher chance when they create added value for all employees, clients, suppliers, and for the society including the environment. The consideration of future trends matters and should include disruptive changes, which can have a considerable impact on the future rentability and the persistence of a company. The consideration of the ESG-factors also includes how a company adjusts its future strategy to the altered business world and aligns its business activities to the challenges of sustainability. Both clients and investors are going to watch out for the extent to which a company, according to the ESG-factors, embodies a well-conducted and responsible company. The business world and the population are facing challenges in sustainability, for example climate change and population aging. Those challenges demand drastic solutions. 


The ESG-factors are a must-have for every company in order to be sustainable in the future.