Usually the first contact with our company happens through the peko gmbh. The peko gmbh is responsible for the complete spectrum of real estate development. Beginning with the production site analysis, we are able to perceive chances for our building owners to implement an actual yield and high-end real estate.


The focus stays on the projecting domain of extensive properties in the commerce-, office- and housing-segment. Another core competence builds the revitalization and reuse of existing buildings. Thereby, we combine the different requirements and defiances of urban development, such as monument protection with sustainable utilization concepts. We come upon sustainable, marketable solutions for our customers through the inclusion of market-insights and empirical values of the whole peko group. 


In order to support investor’s arbitrations, we supervise the creation of technical and economic feasibility analysis or the project controlling for banks, investors and insurance companies, in close collaboration with other companionships of the peko group if required.


"Our goal is to reassure that our customers feel secure and all-around well curated throughout the span of the first contact until the project completion."

Dennis Zimmer, CEO peko gmbh